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Current Consultation

The Coordinator-General is currently evaluating the Cross River Rail Request for Project Change and invites submissions. Submissions must be made by 5pm on Monday 27 March 2017. The Coordinator-General will consider all properly made submissions in his evaluation of the Request for Project Change.

What is a Request for Project Change?

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Cross River Rail project was approved by the Coordinator-General in 2012. Following further technical and environmental investigations and community consultation, the Queensland Government has refined the project design.

A Request for Project Change has been submitted to the Coordinator-General to evaluate proposed changes to the project. The Coordinator-General is now evaluating the request and invites submissions. All properly made submissions must be considered in evaluating the Request for Project Change.

What are the changes to the project?

The revised Cross River Rail design was published in 2016 and includes a number of key changes to the project.

  • The tunnel has been shortened from 10km to 5.9km.
  • Dutton Park station will be upgraded to include a third platform face.
  • The southern tunnel entry has moved to north of Dutton Park station, on existing railway land between Railway Terrace and Kent Street.
  • The Boggo Road station has moved to a site east of Joe Baker Street, and a pedestrian connection to the Princess Alexandra Hospital has been added.
  • Woolloongabba station has been moved to adjacent to the busway station to improve connectivity.
  • Albert Street station has been moved to between Mary and Elizabeth Streets.
  • Roma Street station has been moved to the site of the Brisbane Transit Centre west building.
  • The northern tunnel entry has moved to the Exhibition line near Brisbane Girls Grammar School.

How can I get more information?

To view the Request for Project Change, visit

During the consultation period, you can make a submission to the Coordinator-General. The Coordinator-General will consider all properly made submissions as part of the evaluation of the proposed changes and their potential effects on the environment.

Submissions can be made online or in writing to the Coordinator-General until 5pm Monday 27 March 2017. For more information on how to make a submission, visit the Coordinator-General’s website at

Download the Request for Project Change frequently asked questions  Download the Community Engagement fact sheet

The Request for Project Change is also available to view during opening hours at the following libraries:

  • State Library of Queensland
  • Fairfield Library
  • Annerley Library
  • Stones Corner Library
  • Brisbane Square Library
  • Hamilton Library

How do I make a submission on the Request for Project Change?

Submissions must be made directly to the Coordinator-General by 5pm on Monday 27 March 2017. Send your submission using one of the following methods:

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